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Visitors to this website might like to know of these remarkable books-written by Helen’s cousin, Ian Tew; great holiday reading!



Salvage: A personal odyssey
by: Captain Ian Tew

No cure, no pay is the rule.

Captain Ian Tew spent ten years with Selco Salvage in Singapore travelling the seas and performing salvage operations from the UK coast to the South China Sea, from the Persian Gulf to the Southern Ocean. He worked in storm force winds as well as in tropical calms. In Salvage, he shares fascinating stories of places few men have ever visited and unique accounts of salvaging that few people have ever witnessed. As a roving salvage master, he was involved with salvaging Al Ahood. She had been hit by Iraqi fired Exocet missiles, set on fire and abandoned, and was said to be unsalvageable. This was the first commercial salvage to take place in a war zone.
Pub. 2007; FROM: Seafarers Books


sailingSailing in Grandfather’s Wake 2001
by: Captain Ian Tew

Here is a seafaring adventure spanning three generations.

In 1938, “Caplin”, skippered by Commander R.D. Graham with his daughter Marguerite* as mate, set out from England to sail around the world. Sixty years later, Cdr Graham’s grandson, Captain Ian Tew, bought “Independent Freedom” in New York and, with his aunt’s account of the voyage as a guide, sailed in “Caplins” wake. The side-by-side accounts of their navigation to remote shores provide a fascinating historical perspective against which the calms and storms of sailing are ageless.

 Pub. 2001 FROM: Reeds Nautical Bookshop – Reeds Maritime Library Series


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* Marguerite is Helen Kirwan’s mother.