Chilham Village


ABOVE LEFT: view of Square || ABOVE RIGHT: May Fayre, Chilham, 2002.
BOTTOM LEFT and BOTTOM RIGHT: Filming ‘Miss Marple’ for TV







The cottages are about a third of a mile from Chilham’s  famous 15C square. 

Chilham lies on a  promontory of the chalk downs, overlooking a bend in the River Stour.

Chilham  became a  typical nucleated settlement  in medieval times:  four steep lanes lead up from the river valley onto a hill and into a unique and beautiful Square. This beautiful open public space is surrounded by Fifteenth Century timber framed houses on its north and south sides with the entrance to the Castle and Church on its west and east sides.

Chilham has two pubs, tea rooms, a train station, bus stop, Post Office and doctor’s surgery. Groceries, fruit, vegetables, cider and other local produce are obtainable from nearby  Chilham Shop and  Badgers Hill Farm nearby. Canterbury 6 miles.